Our Clients Have Great Things To Say About SFL

  • I really can't say enough positive things about Strategies for Learning.  My daughter has been seeing an educational specialist for several years for help with her dyslexia, and it has had an amazing impact on both my daughter, and our entire family.  She has dramatically improved in both her academic performance, confidence, and attitude towards areas of academic challenge. The specialist has been understanding, patient, consistent, and organized in how she has approached our daughter's educational needs. She has always been proactive in contacting teachers at her school in advance of any issues.  She will even look at the course material for the "upcoming quarter" so that she and my daughter are prepared.  It can almost feel like a second job to keep fully up to date in real time on how your child is doing in school. It is completely reassuring that the specialist has been both vigilant in monitoring our daughter's progress, but also excellent in communicating status updates to us on a regular basis. We have seen other learning specialists, and been to other learning center's such as Lindamood Bell.  In my opinion none have come close to the organization, individual care, and warmth that have have seen at SFL. Phyllis Koppeleman, the founder and director, has been actively involved throughout our entire time at SFL.  She has clearly set a high standard for the center, and all that staff that works there.  It is evident that she leads by example. I would recommend SFL without any reservation.

    Todd F, Oakland
  • Phyllis, as well as the educational therapist who has been working with my daughter for over 2 years, has been a godsend to our family. We give our therapist most of the credit for getting my daughter—with multiple and severe learning disabilities—the ability to read. She has a special talent for connecting with kids in a way that works for that individual. Phyllis has been more than a resource for us along the way. She has held our hand and helped us manage a very complex situation. Without her knowledge of school systems and understanding of our needs I think we would still be lost. I have met many other parents along this journey who are struggling to navigate this world of having an LD child and I feel so fortunate that we have been able to fall back on Phyllis and her clinic for support and resources we would still be trying to navigate.

    Sarah W, Pleasanton
  • From the moment our family had our intake appointment, I knew that Strategies for Learning was a special place.  Phyllis has such a kind and gentle approach with children that make them all feel like they are loved. My son was paired with Maria and it has been a match made in heaven.  Not only has she worked on homework support, she also has become a friend and has helped with his confidence level.  She even attended a few “student success team” meetings with his teachers to help advocate for him based on his learning style.  Strategies for Learning has far exceeded our expectations.

    Mother of 8th grader at Bentley
  • I was referred to Strategies for Learning when I found out my then freshman in high school had a language processing deficiency. From day one, the therapist took charge and implemented a plan to help my daughter develop strategies to help her approach her subjects in a manner consistent with her learning style. She helped her break down paragraphs into pieces that helped her understand larger concepts. She color coded main ideas, main characters and helped my daughter utilize her organizational skills to her advantage. While the educational therapist was very instrumental in helping my daughter reach her academic potential in high school (she ended up graduating with honors and went on to University of Michigan), she gave her other skills that I believe were more critical to her overall success. She was always patient, nurturing and encouraging and created a safe environment for my daughter to share issues and receive feedback.

    Mother of a high school freshman now in college
  • My son has been working with his clinician at SFL for more than a year, and she’s doing a superlative job.  There are the tangible results, such as his GPA moving from the high 2s to a 4.0, the reduction in the number of assignments he fails to turn in, and his increasing fluency in writing.  Equally important to me are the intangible results, such as his growing insight into how his brain works and ability to express that insight, fewer complaints about history and English being stupid classes, and growing self-confidence. My son's independent choice to take AP English and Gov’t classes next year pleases me hugely and shows he’s willing to challenge himself because he thinks he can succeed. The clinician has accomplished all this because she really got to know X.  She showed him she cared and she didn’t let him get away with anything – she was more than a match for his skillful verbal resistance.   He respects her and so he listens to her. Finally, she has been a great advocate for X.  She rearranged her schedule –twice! – at short notice to attend his 504 meetings at Tech.  She was patient, professional and persistent about describing the ways his disabilities manifest, in the face of ignorance and disbelief from a number of attendees.  She also gave me her time to discuss and strategize in advance of the meetings, which really relieved my mind.

    Celia M., mother of an Oakland Tech student
  • Strategies For Learning is AWESOME!!! My daughter has been working primarily with an educational therapist and a learning specialist and in the span of a year I have watched how their work has transformed and enhanced her learning experience. The patience, support and genuine concern that the entire staff at SFL renders speaks to their desire to ensure that each child gets the tools and skills they need to be successful. SFL has made a profound impact on my daughter's attitude toward her learning experience. While she has always displayed a deep passion to learn, she is now much more confident in her own ability to do the work that she previously struggled with and shied away from. She gets excited just knowing she is meeting with her clinicians. Thanks for your support!

    Julie F, Emeryville
  • Ever since my daughter was in K, reading has been a struggle.  She has received assistance, but there hadn't been a huge shift. Now in 4th grade, I FINALLY discovered Strategies for Learning.  There was an IMMEDIATE shift!  It has been AMAZING!  All of a sudden, she has been reading w/o me having to badger her, her confidence has improved, she has been enjoying reading and the sessions AND BEST OF ALL, SHE BELIEVES IN HERSELF!  I am THRILLED w/our decision to try Strategies for Learning, and urge you to try them too!

    Patti S, Oakland
  • My daughter has been working with a clinician at Strategies for Learning, for over a year and has made tremendous strides. Whether your child just needs a little help or needs significant support dealing with learning issues, SFL has the right people.  My daughter loves going there and has learned so much.  I would highly recommend SFL to anyone.

    Jackie L, Oakland
  • My son has been working with Strategies for Learning for over 2 years and it has been a great experience for him. The team works very hard to understand the unique challenges and abilities for each student. I believe that they offer far more than just tutoring services. They have worked with my son to implement skills and strategies that he can use throughout his educational experience; they are not just trying to get through homework. It is definitely a safe educational environment for our son.

    Sam S, Oakland
  • SFL is truly remarkable. My son has been going to them twice a week for a year and he has grown leaps and bounds. They are super in tune with his needs and teach him to learn the best way he can learn. They fit their program to the kids' needs versus a lot of other tutoring places. Their follow through is super and I genuinely feel they have my son's best interests in mind and care about his progress.

    Victoria M, Oakland
  • Everyone is really friendly at SFL. I’ve learned more about the way I learn, like tools to help me. When we’re doing an activity it helps when it’s more visual and I can use fidgets.

    8th grader at Raskob Day School
  • Phyllis Koppelman is the best that there is.  She helped our son in high school more than anyone else I could possibly think of.  She's a kind, caring, wonderful person who can help *any* kid with whatever issues s/he has.  Absolute, unquestioning, unconditional recommendation.

    Mark S, Oakland
  • My clinician is great! She is kind and caring and really helps me a lot. She breaks difficult assignments into pieces that are easier to bite off. She always encourages me to do my best. I have learned a lot with her and think that I am a better learner as she has also helped me with my study habits.

    Zoe, age 11, fifth grade