Why call Strategies for Learning?

  • Have you noticed your child’s grades have dropped and he or she has “checked out?”
  • Are you worn down by the nightly homework battles?
  • Does your child complain that he understands the material, but does poorly on tests?

Let us help you find your way. 

How Strategies for Learning is Different

Family Intake

Our comprehensive intake process begins with the student’s complete learning history.

Personalized Plans

SFL can assess your child, create personalized action plans, and collaborate with recognized allied professionals.

Outstanding Specialists

SFL has an outstanding team of specialists with expertise in learning differences/disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD and executive functioning.

Integrated Case Management

SFL offers integrated case management: advocacy, consultation, and coordination around educational placement, learning accommodations and the IEP and 504 process.

Cross-Discipline Learning

SFL provides academic tutoring and educational therapy across subjects, including honors and AP courses, test prep and college application support.