• Reading List by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
    Dr. Thomas Brown’s website presents a new definition and model of ADD/ADHD as essentially a problem with executive functions, the management system of the brain. He has written several of his own books. This link is to his annotated reading list on ADHD and related disorders.


  • A Website dedicated to Pediatric Neurology

Executive Function

 College Consulting

  • Rebecca Field Consulting: Rebecca Field specifically serves students who learn differently (LD) as well as students without learning challenge.
  • Case College Consultants: Joan Case designs individualized guidance tailored to student’s needs to help relieve anxiety and confusion around college applications.
  • College Quest: Barbara Austin helps design college application and financial aid forms, helping students attend great colleges where they can thrive while saving money.
  • Learn with Me: Jamie Keller combines educational and therapeutic approaches in evaluation, remediation, communication, and advocacy for clients with learning difficulties or disabilities.


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