Strategies for Learning partners with schools and individuals to create small learning groups. The small group environment builds momentum as students exchange ideas and learn from each other, while having fun at the same time. Groups are a great choice for students who are in need of practicing social skills, or who have greater confidence when supported by their peers. Not only do small groups provide a fun and engaging learning environment, but they are also a cost effective option for families looking for educational support.

Power Math

Girl doing math at blackboard

Power Math, a weekly 50-minute group, is designed to give students a boost in primary math skills and focuses on the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Using aspects of the Contexts for Learning Mathematics and other hands-on activities, we work to develop your child’s number sense and foster a love of math.

Power Reading

Boy Holding Reading Blocks

Power Reading, a twice weekly 50-minute group, is designed to give students a boost in early decoding and spelling.

Our reading clinicians have specialized training, including Orton-Gillingham, a research-based,  multi-sensory approach that:

  • includes activities
  • involves a carefully planned sequence of instruction
  • targets key reading skills
  • builds momentum
  • encourages students to exchange ideas and learn from each other
  • makes learning fun at the same time!

Executive Function

Young man with pensive expression

Using Samantha Moss’s teen organizing guide, Where’s My Stuff? and Peg Dawson and Richard Guare’s resource book, Smart But Scattered, this group is all about organizing things, ideas and time. With a focus on goal-setting and meta-cognitive strategies, we work with students to organize their physical stuff using a system that works best for them. We then tackle prioritizing, planning and time-management, using their current assignments to build important skills that will serve them through middle school, high school and beyond.