SP10Parents, guardians, school administrators, teachers, and professionals involved in a child’s care and education create a support team. A case manager will be assigned to every family and will coordinate and focus these various efforts:

Addressing Academic Needs

We are committed to addressing a student’s academic needs in the context of the whole student. As a result, we don’t simply work with the student in a vacuum.

Advocacy and Consulting

Our case management includes advocacy and consultation with your child’s school as well as other allied professionals who are involved in your son or daughter’s well-­being. For instance, we work with schools to help teachers and learning specialists effectively implement accommodations or modifications needed in order to help your child be more successful.


Case managers facilitate meetings with teachers to describe student challenges and support strategies.  They speak with other professionals (with your agreement) who may be involved with your child—their psychotherapist, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, audiologist, neuro-psychologist or pediatrician.

Managing the Bigger Picture

Additional questions may arise along the way that merit further investigation. For instance, if your child is having difficulty tracking or is seeing double, we may recommend a visual efficiency exam. We’ll collaborate, problem­ solve, and clarify priorities and directions for working with your child, your family, the school, and other professionals.